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Rima Fand is a Brooklyn-based composer, musician and vocalist with a passion for multi-disciplinary performance. She has created music for performances ranging from experimental puppet theater to chamber opera to large-scale tableau vivant to contemporary musical theater to clown shows. She has also played in numerous creative musical ensembles, including the raucous string band Luminescent Orchestrii, with whom she toured internationally for a decade, Sherita, a Balkan-inspired acoustic quartet, Hydra, a women's a cappella trio, and currently Timbila, an mbira-driven ensemble.


Rima is an inventor and very interested in that which is innovative, but is also strongly drawn to old traditions. She loves the vibrant, earthy sounds of folk music, and but also loves exploring sounds that are strange and new. Her favorite place from which to create is on that edge where the traditional meets the experimental. She is excited by the moment of intersection- when the poetry and archetypal stories of the past speak to the present, and are translated anew into our contemporary context.


Rima is also a devoted teacher who is very inspired by creating music and theater with young people. She has worked for many years as a teaching artist in NYC public schools, specializing in exploring story and poetry through music and puppetry, and creating original musical/theatrical productions with students. She also teaches numerous private lessons in violin and piano.

Photo Credit: Cecilia Du Bucourt

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