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Meet Hydra, Brooklyn's newest vocal creature. I sing for you… to us… as one, as three. We speak five languages - English, Albanian, Spanish, Macedonian and HydraTongue - and we'd like to learn yours. I am three. We are one. We are Hydra. Yula Be'eri, Rima Fand, Sarah Small. We wear our whitest dress. Or I wear red. Hydra 'dances' sometimes. We bask in dark, thick harmony. I learn new linguistic and locomotive tricks every day.



Sonnet 81

Lyrics: Pablo Neruda

Music: Rima Fand & Hydra

Wake Up

Music: Rima Fand & Hydra

photo by Meredith Traux

photo by Chrissie Rouse

photo by Meredith Traux

photo by April Renae

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