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chamber opera/object theater

01 - Mountain Close UP.JPG

Conceived and Designed by Susan Zeeman Rogers
Music by Rima Fand
Libretto by Karen Fisher
Direction by Mallory Catlett

Ana finds freedom in the forest, but as a child of the 1950’s her wild spirit is crushed and her voice is stolen by adults who disregard and punish her. Rather than marry a man who expects only beauty and docility, she finds her way to the precipice of her dream, and leaps. She wakes to find herself in a surreal wilderness in which she must fight to find her voice and power as a woman, and to create a world worth returning to.

Told as an object theatre/chamber opera, Precipice sets an intimate story against epic natural landscapes, created with hand-made paper dioramas and live feed video. This contemporary fairy tale has music by Rima Fand, libretto by Karen Fisher, design by Susan Zeeman Rogers and direction by Mallory Catlett. By drawing parallels between environmental and emotional damage, Precipice looks at how we are silenced and exiled, and at how we find our way back to connection, both with each other and the natural world.

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