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photo by Phil Straus

Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant Of The Delirium Constructions


Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions celebrates humanity by representing a visual and sonic encyclopedia of the human condition. Part homage to the history of art, part joyous communion, part party, part radical experiment, Small's Tableaux reveal the evolutionary process of creating art and community, contemplating raw and poignant truths about humankind's timeless yearning to find connection within ourselves and with one another.


Tableau is performance, tip-toeing on the edge of immersive theatre. It is music, incorporating classical aria, local folk song, choral drones, and string instruments. It is dance, juxtaposing organic, arrhythmic gesture with choreographed movement. It is visual spectacle, as one-hundred-twenty people pose and move in a range of costume: historical dress, contemporary fashion, and nakedness. Finally, it is experiment; together, creating moments of truly original, highly improbable intimacy.


Rima was a part of the creative team as composer and musical director for two incarnations of the Tableau, the last one of which took place in the spring of 2011 at Skylight One Hanson.





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