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Directed by Tannis Kowalchuk of NACL Theatre, with music composed by Rima Fand, COURAGE is an outdoor walking play that incorporates theatre, live music, stilt-walking and puppetry.  The epic play is inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s masterpiece “Mother Courage and Her Children,” and features the NACL actors and community members of the NACL Stilt Corps.


July 22-24 2016- Work In Progress public presentations at Applepond Farm in Callicoon Center, NY



COURAGE is set in a world of conflict. It is a walking performance that invites the audience to join a pilgrimage.  Along the walk, the audience meets a series of characters, including a woman named Anna and her daughter who sell goods from a pullcart. Anna is searching for her son whom she fears has joined a military group.  Following Anna and her search, the audience moves from location to location, scene to scene, witnessing the songs and stories of a motley crew of survivors--a military stilt regiment, a Greek-style chorus of singing migrants, a religious aid worker, a migrant smuggler, a surly cook.


The performance culminates inside a large tent that invokes refugee camp or relief shelter. At the end of their long walk, the audience enters the tent and is immersed in an environment of sights, sounds, and smells. With the actors all around them and beside them, they experience the conclusion of COURAGE. A dance of dignity is performed by Anna’s daughter, the stilt army makes its last stand, a body is delivered, and Anna departs with her cart.  The audience is invited to stay for soup and bread and conversation. Ultimately, COURAGE poetically proposes a personal and civil search for compassion, resilience, and courage in the face of fear.

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